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button louise cormican
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january 19th 1994
portland, oregon
geneticist at flagler hospital
"Name her Button, I don't know", it was these words of distress that would straddle a child with the name for the rest of her life. Little Button's life began shaky, to say the least. Her mother, Louise, was just eight months pregnant when she had to be rushed to the hospital. It was there that Louise would suffer a terrible birthing situation. The little girl was born at 36 weeks, 2 days and came out not breathing. The doctors were able to resuscitate the baby in time but held little hope that she would make it. Her mother's fate was worse. Her father arrived just in time to be informed that his wife had passed away and his daughter was struggling for her life. It was shortly after this news that the nurses asked for the little girls name. Button, it was what they'd called the baby for lack of anything better to call it. Since the couple hadn't decided on an official name, thinking they had plenty of time, Hugh had no idea what to name the girl. Thus the fateful words were spoken and Button was named. The nurse was the one to suggest Louise as a middle name, thus Button Louise Cormican was named.

As the weeks progressed, the fragile little girl grew stronger. Though the doctors predicted the girl would have brain damage, she defied all odds set against her. While at first her father was too fearful to go near her, paranoid he'd lose her too, as she grew stronger, her father began to refuse to leave her side. When the little girl was almost two months old she was finally released from the hospital, fierce and healthy.

Distraught and with no idea how to care for an infant on his own, Hugh made the decision to move from Vancouver to where Louise's sister, Beth, lived in Portland, Oregon with her five year old son Bodrie. It was an unusual situation, but the four of them ended up living in a house together. Beth and Hugh jointly raised little Bodrie and Button so they wanted for nothing in life. Most assumed that there must be something between the two adults but it was never the case. And Button was raised knowing that Beth was not, biologically, her mother, but her aunt. Most didn't understand it, but it was all Button ever knew and she loved both of her 'parents' and her 'brother'.

Despite the unusual family situation, it would still grow. A few years down the line, her aunt began seeing a man. And despite the relationship being short lived it left a lasting impression on the household. Her aunt ended up giving birth to a healthy baby boy named Brennan. It was this addition that would complete the rather complex Cormican-Bell family.

When Button was four years old, while out with her aunt, a talent scout walked up to them and, long story short, a few months later, Button was booked her first commercial. It was a commercial for cereal and she was meant to smile and ask for 'more please' but instead she sassily demanded 'now, more' and it was a hit. It would lead to her getting cast in four movies and cameos in quite a few television shows where she was credited as 'Button Bell' allowing her anonymity as everyone assumed it was a pseudonym. Her acting career would last until she was nine years of age when she decided on her own to give it up.

Her now free time was quickly filled, however. With any club she could get herself attached to. You name it, Button did it. She was a girl that liked to be kept busy. And despite so much on her plate, she thrived. It seemed she excelled at anything she tried and enjoyed most of it. School came easy for her and she never seemed to have homework that actually made it home. So she had plenty of time to dedicate to anything her heart desired. In school, she wasn't the most popular kid, but she wasn't at the bottom either. She blended in, and slipped in and out of social groups fluidly. She was happy throughout all her schooling years, right to graduation.

The girl headed to the University of California at Irvine and declared a major in Developmental and Cell Biology as well as Genetics, inspired and determined by her birth circumstances to make a difference in the field. To help get her through school she got her personal training certificate and trained at Orangetheory Fitness in Irvine. Once she had obtained her bachelor's she continued on to receive her masters and work at Cho Labs. Upon graduating she got a job offer at Flagler Hospital in St. Augustine, Florida. So she packed her bags. She's going on one year in Florida.

hugh cedric cormican, 56
louise june cormican, d. 1.19.94
bethany may bell, 54
bodrie elias bell, 30. brennan desmond bell, 20.
gloria & desmond bell. clemence & tomas cormican

+ a workaholic to the core, she once held three jobs while attending school. at her prime she was a personal trainer, worked at an auto shop, and had an internship at a medical lab while getting her degree in developmental cell biology. it was not sustainable for anyone, even her. she lasted an amazing six months before she gave up the auto shop.

+ definitely grew up a tom boy. call it a consequence of growing up with a 'single' dad (and two 'brothers'). she always wanted to bond even more with the one parent she actually had. it's where she got her passion for working out and for cars. even today to get her in a dress is a feat, and out of sneakers a real miracle.

+ a restless soul through and through. she always wants to be doing something. she hates idle hands. she wants to take the world by her bare hands and make the most of it with each day she's given. her dream is to see as much of the world as she can, traveling is a great love of hers.

+ she either likes you or she doesn't. there is no real in between. she'll never try to force a relationship with anyone. she doesn't generally have it in her to be mean unless you really push her but if she doesn't jive with you, she usually won't try to push a conversation or anything beyond. she'll avoid you or provide general politeness. it's not her being rude, she just knows whether someone would be a good fit.

+ has a series of health issues many of which stem from her birth situation. most have decreased or entirely ceased with age but some remain including: nystagmus and poor vision, chronic migraines, asthma, and immune issues. despite this, she lives a rather normal life and usually keeps these things under wraps and from the knowledge of others.

+ a quarter quebecois. her father was born in montreal, quebec to a quebecois mother and an english speaking father. french is her father's mother tongue but he speaks fluent english. she speaks french, but though she's perfectly passable she is no where near fluent in it.